I don't have time to look at all the possible scenarios, but there are 7 MEAC teams with only 1 or 2 conference losses, and the head-to-heads are all circular.

B-C: 5-3/3-2, 4 D1 wins, plays MSU, SSU, FAMU, head-to-head over Hamp. NSU
FAMU: 5-3/3-2, 4 D1 wins, plays NCAT, NCC, B-C, head-to-head over SC State
Hamp: 5-3/3-2, 5 D1 wins, plays Howard, DSU, Morgan, head-to-head over FAMU
Morgan: 5-3/4-1, 5 D1 wins, plays B-C, NSU, Hamp, head-to-head (no one yet)
NCA&T: 4-4/3-2, 3 D1 wins, plays FAMU, SCSU, NCC, head-to-head over MSU, B-C
Norfolk: 7-2/5-1, 6 D1 wins, plays SSU, MSU, head-to-head over SCSU, Hamp
SCSU: 5-4/4-2, 5 D1 wins, plays NCAT, SSU, head-to-head over B-C

Norfolk State is obviously the favorite, but Morgan State also controls their own destiny. And if the Bears beat the Spartans and lose to another remaining opponent, it gets to be a real mess.

6 of them (All but NCA&T) have the possibility to finish with 7 D-I wins.