More and more I-AA schools are 'appearing' on the map each year. In recent years, we've added Southeastern Louisiana, Northern Colorado and Coastal Carolina to name a few.

This year, we have several schools announcing their desires to jump from Div II to I-AA or reinstating football. Central Arkansas. Presbyterian. Campbell. Winston Salem State. North Carolina Central. We could even see Lamar announce an attempt to get football rolling. Definitely more schools making the jump from Div II or non-existance than those making the move from I-AA to I-A.

With all these moves, do you see any conference realignments happening in the near future? Div I sports in general, I-A for football purposes just had a major shift with schools moving from Sun Belt to WAC, Big East to ACC, C-USA to Big East, etc, etc. Is it time for I-AA to have some shifts?

There was talk on another thread of a San Diego becoming scholarship and starting a California/Arizona-based conference. What will happen with the Dakota schools? There's been talks of all these different schools wanting to move to the SoCon for several years (or atleast their fans wanting them to do so). Could more non-scholarship schools move to scholarship schools?