Just finished watching the press conference. Coen is excited to be at Lehigh which he hated to leave as an assistant back in 1999. Met his wife at Lehigh during his first tour. Gave big kudos to Kevin Higgins as his 'mentor' and teaching him how to lead.
Joe Sterrett the need to find someone from the 50 applicants who would be the best fit with the institution and what's expected in the Patriot League. There were 15 interviews (9 on campus) rest by telecon.
Coen expects to be 'creative' on offense, but stresses toughness being the #1 attribute needed in his teams--mentally and physically.
He will meet with all assistants and decide then whether all or some remain.
Everyone thought it would be him or Cecchini. Coen brings a little bit 'older' presence to the program than Chick, which may have been a deciding factor.
Interesting quote, I thought, was "Tradition never graduates from Lehigh". Will make concerted effort to keep us football alumns 'connected' .
According to Sterrett. Coen appreciates the academic demands and his experience at both Lehigh and Penn were strong factors in his favor.