Operative words: Fun, fun, fun, fun, FUN!!!!

Talk about CLASSY New Hampshire guys, we met up with a couple coaches at a sports bar in Portsmouth Saturday night and had a TERRIFIC time talking with them about the game. Ralph, PantherRob and I ran up a pretty sizeable tab for beer and food (PantherRob82 musta HAD three orders of wings!!!) as we had been there for hours before the guys showed up. Next thing I know, this cute little waitress comes up to me and says, "Just wanted to let you know, your tab's been taken care of".

Half-dicked up, Cap'n Cat wheezed, "What? Who paid it?"

"The owner of the bar."

"Oh yeah, well, where is he?"

"He's not here right now."

Cap'n Cat looks at one of the UNH coaches who has a little *****-eatin' grin on his face, and says, "Why, you wily old SOB, you!" The coaches picked up our tab!


Thanks, guys! That helped offset the nearly $400 I spent on gas gettin' out there!!

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Regarding UNH fans and their behavior, Cap'n Cat had a lot of time to think about it and, having read the thread way down below, He's come to the conclusion that, whereas it made some people feel uncomfortable, you're gonna have that stuff wherever you go. Ninety-nine point nine nine nine nine percent of people there were wonderful. The guys parked next to us at the tailgater were fun and friendly; they shared their awesome chili with us. Some UNH Ath Dept bigwig walked out to welcome us and she was highly complimentary and oozing with goodwill.

Cap'n Cat walked through the thick of tailgating with his Northern Iowa sweatshirt and hat on and got no jeers, but, rather a lot of "Welcome to New Hampshire"'s.

Cap'n Cat was interviewed by the Nashua Telegraph, throughout which The Cap'n said nothing but complimentary things about UNH, their players, administration and fans. (Story was published yesterday - unfortunately, all I said about UNH was not included, as it was a game wrap up article).

Superb experience.


UNI players celebrating on the Wildcat logo?

Yes, it happened. MOF, Cap'n Cat was inches away and has some thoughts on what really occurred.

1. It was a small handful of UNI players who were actually "stomping" on the emblem and being buttholes. The rest were just jumping around, probably oblivious to the fact that they were actually on top of the logo.

2. The New Hampshire players exercised great restraint as they approached the logo and did not feel the need to get into a shoving match and possible riot (CLASS) (by this time, fearing for his own personal safety, Cap'n Cat had backed away about twenty yards - those New Hampy players were HUGE!!!!!).

3. MOST IMPORTANTLY, Coach Farley, before any ********* could get started was in the middle of it all, dragging the offenders out and tossing them to the locker room, all the while yelling about how wrong it was and "if you win, you shake hands......". He did a monumental job of preventing any problems.

4. Note to all UNH players and staff - I'm sure the instigators got a blistering earful. Guarantee it.

5. 'Nuff said.

All the best to the New Hampshire program for decades to come.

Thanks for hosting us!!!

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