Colgate's AD offered this assessment on a recently posted "Ask the AD" feature on the Colgate website:

Q: Dartmouth has been on Colgate’s football schedule annually for some time. However, I understand that this rivalry ends in 2011. Are there any plans to schedule additional games with Dartmouth and other Ivy schools besides Cornell, Princeton and Yale?

Also, are there any plans to schedule games with schools outside the Northeast besides the Furman and Air Force games that are already scheduled in the future?

A: Your question comes up quite often. We have contacted every Ivy school on numerous occasions in regards to football scheduling. We will continue to play Cornell every year along with some of the Ivies you mentioned. We will schedule Dartmouth again after a short break. Please keep in mind the Ivy League plays three non-League games per season while we play 5-6 depending on the year. We do have games scheduled with Northeastern ( 2012 & 13) and UMass ( 2016 & 17). We have not scheduled games out of the Northeast beyond Furman in 2010 and Air Force in 2013.

Nice to see the CAA back on our schedule, as well as confirmation of the long-discussed Northeastern home-and-home.