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Hey EagleDawg,elcid83 and bulldogdad. I am Dad number 4 my son is Austin Sargent. We are so happy to be a bulldog.
EagleDawg I can't wait to meet Jeff and the family I have heard alot of great things about Jeff. elcid83 it was great seeing you guys in Columbia we will see you on the 28th. bulldogdad tell Jamie we are so happy that he will be a bulldog and sorry we were not able to see you guys in Columbia but we will see you at the games.
Any info on the Schedule I see where Tenn Tech dropped us?

Glad to see you on board with the rest of the proud papas! I am confident that the Smiths will be at the spring game. I don't know if we will be up before then. My understanding of the practice schedule is that they will practice Monday and Wednesday of this week and then go off on spring break next week. If anybody has seen the spring schedule, please post it on here.

Go Runnin' Bulldogs!