I realize that we have played some really bad games the last few weeks. Our offense has been stagnant many times, and the past two teams (SIU, UNI) have flat out beaten us.

I realize we have to win out to make it to the playoffs?? My question is, and others from other teams may have insight. Why do you schedule a SECOND I-A team on your schedule, although a much lower tiered I-A school, why fly all the way to Miami to play FLA INTL, especially one week before the playoffs start. We really put ourselves in a big jam with the way we have played the last two weeks, but an even bigger jam by having to go to FL, AFTER playing on the road in frigid and big stadium in Y-Town.

are other teams playing these kind of games late in the season?? I'm sure we're getting paid a little bit, but i'm sure nowhere near the amount we were paid to go to Auburn.

Any insight from topper fans or from others