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    FCS At-Large Playoff Eligibility

    I was bored and kind of interested in how a few teams stand so I did a little research. I think I got it right, but please tell me if I screwed up. Of course the few eliminated teams could still win their conference auto.

    Here is a breakdown of what every FCS team needs to do to get 7 DI wins...

    Big Sky
    NAU(4-1) must go at least 4-2
    WSU(4-2) must go 5-1
    MSU(3-2) must go 6-1
    PSU(2-3) must go 6-0
    EWU(2-3) must go 6-0
    Sac St(3-3) must go 6-0
    UM(4-1) must go 4-3
    UNC(0-4) must go 7-0
    ISU(0-5) must go 7-0

    Big South
    Liberty(5-0) must go at least 4-3
    CSU(2-3) must go 6-0
    VMI(2-3) must go 6-0
    Stony Brook(1-4) must go 6-0
    CCU(3-3) must go 4-2
    GW(2-3) must go 6-0

    JMU(5-1) must go at least 2-3
    UNH(4-0) must go 3-4
    NU(2-3) must go 5-2
    Nova(4-1) must go 3-3
    Mass(3-2) must go 4-2
    UR(4-2) must go 3-3
    Hofstra(2-3) must go 5-2
    W&M(2-2) must go 5-2
    UD(3-2) must go 6-1
    Towson(2-4) must go 5-1
    Maine(2-3) must go 5-2
    URI(2-4) must go 5-1

    Great West
    Cal Poly(3-1) must go at least 5-1*
    UCD(2-4) must go 5-0
    SUU Eliminated
    --* Cal Poly has one game canceled due to a hurricane

    Hampton(4-1) must go at least 3-3
    SCSU(4-2) must go 4-2
    B-CU(4-1) must go 3-3
    NSU(2-3) must go 6-1
    DSU(1-3) must go 6-1
    FAMU(3-2) must go 4-3
    MSU(2-3) must go 5-2
    NCAT(2-4) must 6-0
    Howard(1-4) must go 6-0

    Ill St(2-2) must go at least 5-2
    SDSU(3-3) must go 4-2
    YSU(2-4) must go 6-0
    NDSU(3-2) must go 4-2
    WIU(3-2) must go 5-1
    SIU(2-2) must go 5-2
    UNI(3-2) must go 5-2
    MSU(1-3) must go 6-1
    INSU(0-5) must go 7-0

    MU(3-3) must go at least 5-0
    SHU(5-0) must go 4-2
    CCSU(4-1) must go 4-2
    Albany(2-3) must go 5-1
    Duq.(2-2) must go 5-1
    Wagner(2-3) must go 5-1
    RMU(1-4) must go 6-0
    St Francis eliminated

    TSU(5-1) must go at least 2-4
    Jax St(4-1) must go 3-3
    T-M(4-2) must go 4-2
    EKU(3-2) must go 4-1
    TTU(3-3) must go 5-1
    MSU(2-4) must go 6-0
    EIU(2-3) must go 5-2
    SEMO(2-4) must go 6-0
    APSU Eliminated

    Patriot League
    Lafayette(3-1) must go at least 4-3
    Colgate(3-2) must go 4-2*
    HC(1-3) must go 6-1
    Bucknell(3-1) must go 4-3
    Lehigh(1-3) must go 6-1
    Fordham(2-2) must go 5-2
    GU(1-3) must go 6-0*
    --*Georgetown and Colgate have a ppd game


    USD(5-0) must go at least 4-2
    Dayton(4-1) must go 5-2
    Butler(3-1) must go 6-0
    Morehead(3-2) must go 5-1
    Jacksonville(2-3) must go 6-0
    Davidson(2-2) must go 6-0
    Valpo Eliminated
    Drake Eliminated

    Elon(5-1) must go at least 2-4
    Wofford(3-1) must go 4-3
    App St(3-2) must go 4-3
    FU(4-2) must go 4-2
    Citadel((3-2) must go 5-2
    Samford(3-2) must go 6-0
    GSU(3-3) must go 4-1
    WCU(2-4) must go 6-0
    Chattanooga Eliminated

    SFA(2-3) must go at least 6-1
    MSU(3-1) must go 6-1*
    SHSU(2-1) must go 6-1*
    TSU(3-2) must go 5-2
    NW St(3-2) must go 6-1
    NSU(0-2) must go 7-0*
    SELA(3-2) must go 6-0
    --* denotes teams with games canceled due to hurricanes

    Iona Eliminated
    SSU Eliminated
    Marist Eliminated
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