Decent link for us fans of the Ivy names their All-Ivy Team (in today's blog notes), then looks at the league's top 6 NFL prospects, according to scouts:

Random thoughts:

**Good job on their part. But as a Yale fan, I think they have way too many Harvard players on both their lists

**I think taking Tyson Maugle over Columbia's Alex Gross and Penn's Chris Wynn is "shaky", but......

**Luke Silwa of Cornell is a bit of a reach, but word is he could be back to his old form after the injury. I would've gone with the scat back from Dartmouth.

**If I was doing that list, I would've found a place from Princeton super-recruit Jon Meyers, who was offered a free ride by several top 10 schools, but wanted the Ivy challenge (academics wise). No reason to think he can't be another Zak DeOssie -- start and make a impact right off the bat.

**They seem to have good NFL sources, but I'm not even sure if Desmond Bryant will play for Harvard this year. He's big and real athletic, but last I saw it was uncertain if he would return?