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He is a good player for sure. But he will not get drafted. Here is an example of why a grade does not prove you get drafted in that round. The Panthers drafted a QB from Stanford a couple years ago in the 4th round and said they gave him a 2nd round grade. So if the Eagles give him a 5th round grade they might actually want to draft him in the 7th round. So if he has a 7th round grade by most he probably won't get drafted. Most of the time over 300 players are given a draft grade. Only 255 get drafted. I think he would have gotten drafted had he played this year. He is a free agent signing I think. I do wish him well and if he did get drafted I would be happy for him but his chances at getting picked are very slim.
I understand the rationate, I was just conveying what I have heard directly from pro scouts (in addition to just the Eagles scouts). The Eagles concern was that Ray would now be on the radar screen for other NFL teams. They did want to sign him as a free agent, but now they may draft him to ensure they get him. My gut says he will get drafted, we can revisit this in a few weeks after the draft.