Not sure if this is appropriate for the regular FCS sub, but it will most definitely impact the FCS so I put it here. Move it if it is not appropriate.

LAS VEGAS (AP) — NCAA President Charlie Baker announced Tuesday that he wants the organization to create a new tier of Division I athletics where schools with the most resources can offer unlimited educational benefits, enter into name, image and likeness partnerships with athletes and directly pay them through a trust fund.

In a letter sent to more than 350 Division I schools, Baker said the disparity in resources between the wealthiest schools in the Football Bowl Subdivision and other DI members — along with the hundreds of Division II and III schools — is creating “a new series of challenges.”

Division I is currently divided into the FBS and FCS (Football Championship Subdivision). Baker’s proposal is aimed at creating a new subdivision where schools in the so-called Power Five conferences — the Big Ten, Southeastern Conference, Big 12, Atlantic Coast Conference and Pac-12 — can operate.

Baker noted that athletic budgets in Division I range from $5 million and $250 million annually, with 59 schools spending over $100 million annually and another 32 spending over $50 million. He said 259 Division I schools, however, spend less than $50 million on their athletic programs.

He said schools in a new tier of Division I should be allowed, while staying compliant with Title IX, to “invest at least $30,000 per year into an enhanced educational trust fund for at least half of the institution’s eligible student-athletes.”