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Thread: Patriot League Offseason Thread

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    Patriot League Offseason Thread

    Figured we needed it.....

    Bob Chesney officially headed to JMU? Seems like more smoke is billowing out from both sides to make it possible. If so where does HC go from here? Chesney was the perfect coach at the perfect time at HC. Not only that, he was right in the Crusaders backyard which allowed the stars to align just perfectly. It's hard to have lightning strike twice. Especially in the era of the portal. Crusaders will be DRASTICALLY different if Chesney does indeed leave

    Lafayette seems in a great position to run the league for at least the next 2-3 years until everyone else gets their ducks in a row...

    Early 2024 Predictions?
    1. Lafayette
    2. Colgate
    3. Fordham
    4. Holy Cross
    5. Georgetown
    6. Lehigh
    7. Bucknell
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