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Gg, I don't think questioning the competence of your own HC makes you sound like a damned booster, but instead, a typical PL fan. Every one of our schools has faced at least one truly horrific coach over the past 7/8 years. Some more than one. Maybe Colgate (although Hunt had his detractors too, particularly here) had been luckier than everyone else but yeah, we've all been there.

To go back to the "decline in message boards," I think the PL's many missteps since entering the scholarships era has kept fans from posting, and more importantly, following about their respective programs the way they once used to.
I know I went completely dark on the message boards while Lafayette suffered through the Garrett years. The games were unwatchable and I was embarrassed by most of the post game commentary. All in all I found it unworthy of my time. Don't get me wrong, I still followed the team and rooted forget them. But I had no more desire to "talk" about them after the fact than I would a root canal.

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