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Be creative! I like it. Let’s face it, when they tell you nobody cares about the FCS playoffs they are not really lying. As for the AGS poll, I vote for fun and agree it’s the best poll but who besides us even looks at it? Does the committee look at it?

Don’t blame the SWAC/MEAC a bit for not participating but

Need to get the Ivies involved somehow with the Celebration Bowl Final 4 or something similar, plug it into the FCS playoffs or vice versa. Why are the Ivies afraid of becoming known as football schools?

Another thought, for football I would be for just tearing down the conference structure completely and making a national schedule. We could really see some interesting games as there is not nearly enough OOC games right now. This might be seen as madness but it does kind of match up with FBS and the changing geographic make up of conferences. I realize this idea would be wildly unpopular with traditional fans that go for the food at the tailgate

With a national schedule, you could kind of make the season into a tiered playoff structure from game one! At some point mid season half of FCS could be eliminated and go from there. This would eliminate the committee as you would have play in games to get in the playoffs….

Who’s with me!?!
Chip Kelly agrees with CH … 64 teams might be a nice number for FCS as well


“Kelly said we should just all be independent in football. There should be no conferences for football. Football should be separated. Everyone should be independent.”

“You can have a 64-team conference. That's the Power Five. You can have a 64-team conference. That's the group of five. We separate it. They still play each other”