The 2022 draft was pretty good for the FCS (Especially good for my Mocs with a first rounder in Cole Strange). Who from your school has a legit shot at getting drafter, and who has a legit shot at getting picked up as a free agent? I'll start.

Chattanooga -
DRAFT - McClendon Curtis - OL - he is a mountain of a man with good feet, solid technique and great hand work. He probably plays guard in the league. I would expect to see him in the 4th or 5th round, but a really solid week at the Senior Bowl may push him up a round or two.

Free Agent - Devonsha Maxwell - DT - DMAx is a middle disrupter. He is powerful and has a great first step. He managed to break all kinds of sack records for the Mocs and in the SoCon...and most of that was through double (and the ocasional triple) team blocks. He may not get a draft slot, but he may be the guy that is still pressuring NFL QBs in 2030...He is just that kind of guy.

What do you have?