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Rocco seemed not to be a great recruiter of lineman.

Took Spiders a while to re-build OL and to some degree DL but strong DL coach coming out of retirement and returning to Spiders saved that group, he has since retired again, but both groups appear to still have good coaching now.
Just from outside looking in, Carty seems to good enough to build back Hen's OL and DL rooms given a year or two.

Henny mentions later in this thread you guys getting a kicker. I watched a few of Hen's games last year and that was a problem, so the new one should help greatly. If Hen's had either of Spiders kickers last year, they win that match-up and the Spiders stay home for the playoffs at 7-4 due to not having an FBS win. I put in another thread we have lose one of them in portal after graduating this May to Charlotte.
Spider you’re quickly becoming the voice of reason on here...

The last 2 Minutes of the Delaware Richmond game was something you had to see to believe and you make an interesting point that had Richmond lost, most likely no playoffs. Ironic that a CAA team that almost didn’t make playoffs went out to Sacramento and played great against a top 5 team but a bad call and a slippery ball, let it slip away.

EF Henny ... listen closely when he posts ... not sure if you’re old enough to get that ...