It's time to retire the "CAA Thoughts?" Thread. It has long since worn out its usefulness.

At the start of the 2022 Season I was cautiously optimistic about New Hampshire's chances, but never thought they would do as well as it turned out. The 2023 season looks very different. We've lost very few key players to graduation and have no one of consequence in the portal. (Starters gone: OT Patrick Flynn, WR Brian Espanet, DT Niko Kvietkus, S Pop Bush) Coach Rick Santos has reinvigorated the program and instilled a positive, winning attitude. I see the strategy in who we've signed in the early signing period and UNH has competed more successfully for the recruits they need better than they have in many seasons. The 2023 UNH Wildcats are a serious contender for the Conference Championship and a likely playoff participants with a strong chance of going deeper than the 2nd round.

Thoughts and questions on other CAA Teams? Returning players? The possible effects of portal desertions? Most critical needs by position? Possible coaching changes both actual and desired? Predicted 2023 results?

Prospects for new CAA members NC A&T and Campbell?

Divisional alignment. Is it coming? Why or why not? If it is, what will it look like?