Looks like our new coach and staff have hit the ground running. Snapped up a couple local fellas that were looking hard at a couple G5s, but were convinced to stay in the Low Country. I like the additions of a couple TEs.

Not mentioned here is a Grad Transfer QB as well, from Harvard. Not sure how he fits as an apparent pocket passer. But that was rumor on our board. Don't have anything definitive on him.

In any event, apparently lots of excitement in Charleston. Having a bunch of capable grads on staff may be what was needed to give us a seriously needed jolt of enthusiasm all around. I'm optimistic. Can't wait to see how our O scheme flushes out. I'm not keen to abandon the option, but at the very least a new option look, with some innovative wrinkles, is in order given the new pansy blocking rules pushed by the P5 powers that be.