Furman (2700 students and many not from the area) draws almost 4X its student population to games .. 9700 or so. Attendance to student ratio that has to be top 10 maybe top 5. Many of the state universities with 10K students draw 11K or so.
Anyway, again hoping everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!

-though our attendance will probably stink for the playoff game. Our students are out - as most schools... that is to be expected. But also we have a real power in FBS Clemson (top 10 this year, still a chance at CFP, but a traditional National Title Player) 45 minutes away playing at the exact same time as our palyoff game! Most FCS don't have a recent national champion playing within 45 minutes of the campus. Bama or Clemson or UGA are the only 3.. Not only that they are playing their rival USC which will draw a full 80,000 fans and keep people home on TV as it isn't Clemson vs Miami Fl. Some Gamecock fans would come usually but now this game will draw them in too. Its everyone in our state and means everything to them. I bet we only draw 5-6K this weekend. Eh, it is what it is