I thought it would be fun this year to again have a Playoff Bracket Challenge. I was not sure I would have the time (hence not starting this thread before now); however, I think if I expedite a few things, I can get it to work out.

To facilitate this, I am asking anyone who wishes to play to reply to this thread with Im in!.

How to Play the Bracket Challenge

After I see that you are in, I will send a PM with a personalized link to a bracket (it is this bracket that needs to be filled out). To expedite this, there will be no other content in the message, just a link. So if you receive a PM from me, it simply contains the link to your individual bracket (a Google Sheet).

To complete the bracket, simply go to the gray boxes and type in scores for each game. Each bracket will autofill with teams as scores are picked, but double-check each line to make sure the team you picked is listed properly.

The deadline for submission will be the start of the first playoff game (12 PM ET), and at that point, the links to the sheets will no longer be active. Whatever you have entered at that time will be your submission. I will then compile all submissions into a single Google Sheet where scoring will be kept (and updated as game results come in), and everybodys brackets will be available for viewing.

Again, if interested, reply in this thread with Im in!, and I will send you the link to your individual bracket via PM. Also, be sure that you can receive PMs (i.e., your inbox/sent items are not full). Good luck and happy picking!

If you are interested, CLICK HERE to see how the game will be scored.