It's finally that time of year again! The 2022 FCS Playoffs are upon us. This will once again be a pick'em contest, rather than a one-time bracket submission.

However, there will be a slight change this year starting in the round of 8. From that point, you will be predicting not just the quarterfinals, but also the semis and championship.

Here is the link for the picks for Round 1:

Also, there will be bonus questions for a game of the week from each of the 3 lower division playoff races. I believe both d2 and d3 are currently in the round of 16 and the NAIA is in the quarterfinals. Those bonus picks will only be worth 5 points.

10 points for every correct pick.
Bonus structure:
If less than 1/2 correctly picked game, 2.5 extra points.
If less than 1/3, 5 extra
Less than 1/5, 7.5 extra
Less than 1/10, 10 extra

Deduction structure.
Your score will be deducted by 0.1 for each 1 point your score is off from the predicted margin of victory. That's only if you predict the correct winner. Any incorrect prediction will be worth 0 points.

You will be rewarded for picking upsets. (Or at least having correctly picked a game less than 50% picked.) Of course, sometimes there are no upsets. (See the 2nd round in 2018.) There will be a couple prizes. You get like a banner below your name, and then also something of additional worth. To earn those, you need to be a consistent poster/user on here. I think we've set the minimum at 100 posts in the past. However ANYBODY with a profile can participate. You can still win bragging rights as a prize and nothing chaps the ass of a full year poster quite like a Novemberist coming in and beating them at one of their games!


OH I forgot. If you submit picks, please say so in this thread! That will keep this on the front page so every one can see. Also, that will allow me to review who has entered the contest! Thank you!