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Good call. I didn't realize McCray had suckered anyone else into letting him "coordinate" a defense. His defenses at G-Webb weren't coordinated at all.
He did amazing things with the special teams. He was moved from DC to focusing largely on special teams and it made a MASSIVE difference after that. We were running kickoff plays and doing different things with ball placement and coverages.

However, I assume he wasn't too thrilled with the change and didn't really care to stay as a position/ST guy. Likewise, Mark had lost trust in him and once Mark loses trust in an assistant it is over for them.

The thought was with the talent we were going to have back on defense this past year all he'd need to do is guide the ship, so to speak. Plus, it's defense at UNI. How do you make it bad? It's never bad. Turns out he made it bad.