It's been about 13 months this time around and we still have a little bit left in the trough to cover just over a months costs right now from donations over the last year even though we took in less last donation drive there were some people that just kicked in on their own over the months so it evened out pretty good.

As ain't free. We don't have ads. AGS runs solely on you and me.

If you can't pitch in it is no big deal and we will get it covered and keep the door's open. If you can help out a bit, even a small amount like $5 then man I can tell you it is truly appreciated that you found this place worthy of some of your hard earned cash.

I might bump this if needed once in a while for the next couple of weeks so bear with me for a bit and this will all be over soon.

Just a little bit below and to the right of the AGS logo above you will see a "Donate" button and this is where you take care of pitching a few coins to the site if you see fit.