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Based on Furman's game notes—only two starters listed as out.
Huff at QB and J Jackson at DE.
Wilkins is out as the backup Spur.

I know we don't agree—I think Jace gives Furman as a good a chance in this game as Huff would.
Furman slides Bryce Stanfield over to tandem with Jack Barton at DE. I see Stanfield as more dangerous at DE than DT.

A couple of people picking Samford to score in the thirties against Furman—that could happen.
Furman held Clemson to its season low total offense (376 yards) and Clemson's lowest scoring output (35). Furman is +1.5 in turnovers, due largely to the DINS defensive backfield. It's college football anything can happen—it's going to be fun to watch the Furman D vs the Hatch Attack.
Based on Furman's game notes—only two starters listed as out.
Huff at QB and J Jackson at DE."

Nation - appreciate your help on injuris. You often help me out. thanks !!! This time I have to help on one 😊. Actually (and this is assuming everyone plays) - WE are missing another starter - Achina at LB. He was the starter at LB for the year. Miller is good but is his backup

So IF everyone plays we are missing our starting QB, starting DE and starting LB Achina. I agree that Miller is playing well.

I also don't necessarily disagree with you that Wilson gives us as good or a good chance. However, that would imply the coaches should maybe start him over Huff as Huff has been off the last 4/5 quarter (somewhat at least) and yet the coaches had yet to do that. So they c- our coaches - clearly still want Huff to start over Wilson. Thinking back to a year or so ago I have seeen JW have at least one HORRIBLE game (5 out 25 or one of those type games) and never seen that from Huff.

In any case, I hope those type games are behond us (the 5-25 passing games like v Citadel). those were painful. Go JW, GO FURMAN !!!!!!!!!!!

fyi - i have no interest in an entertaining game. i want us to RUN AND RUN all over them and never see the Hatch attack. Heck with that. I don't want our D on the field much. I want Roberto running for 200 yds like we did a few years ago at Sammy !! I want a BORING win !!!. RUN ALL DAY Furman !