Aside from Cal Poly and Sacramento State, conference play starts for everyone else this weekend and there are some powerful matchups right off the bat in conference. When the dust settles Saturday night, there are going to be some happy teams at 1-0 and some upset teams at 0-1. That is just how it is in the Big Sky, especially this year. After last week, I am at 27-6 for the year. Here's my shot at perfection this weekend.

MSU at EWU---The Bobcats are coming off their Pac-12 beatdown last week while the Eagles have had two weeks to recover from their Pac-12 beatdown. The Bobcats have looked tough early on against the FCS, but this game will be a tough test. The Eagles had two weeks to prepare and they are at home...EWU 25, MSU 23.

UI at NAU---The only Big Sky team to stay within a touchdown of the Pac-12, the Vandals start conference play on the road against the Lumberjacks, who took an FCS win on the road but lost at home. Both teams are capable of surprising people this season so one team isn't going to be happy come Sunday...UI 27, NAU 17.

ISU at UNC---The Bengals followed up their two Mountain West games with a home loss in their return to the FCS. They head into the Bears' den to face a team that is playing much better after their ugly loss the first game of the season. Not much expected from either team so 1-0 will be a great start...UNC 21, ISU 14.

WSU at UCD---Another great opening battle between two of the conference heavyweights who have looked good so far. The Wildcats have laid claim to the top of Utah college football, while the Aggies took one of FCS's top teams to the wire on the road a couple weeks back. The loser will have a tough road back...UCD 21, WSU 19.

PSU at UM---What do we know here? The Vikings have played two games against the FBS and lost. The Grizzlies have played three games against the FCS and won. The Vikings have had two weeks to recover from a Pac-12 slaughter while the Grizzlies looked just as impressive on the road as at home. Who wins?...UM 28, PSU 14.

SAC at Colorado State (FBS Mtn West)---The Hornets will not start conference play until next week, but they look to follow up their strong win last week with a step up to the FBS level. The Big Sky has fared much better over the Mountain West than the Pac-12, and the Hornets should be able to keep this close. But win?...SAC 28, Colorado State 14.