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This logic makes perfect sense….Wondering though…

While you were moving UTM up to #10 because they beat your #6 Team, a MVFC Team, last year; did you think about moving up any SoCon Teams, each of the 3 which you have ranked outside (to well outside) your Top 10…BECAUSE the next-to-last-place SoCon Team (who was beaten by all 3 of the SoCon Teams you have ranked by avg of 17+ points) took UTM down to the wire last year, at the Skyhawks’ place, in a back-and-forth 5 point game that coulda gone either way?

Just a-wonderin’
I think it's a stretch to use a closer-than-it-should've-been-win against Samford in last year's nonconference against UTM but to be honest I had forgotten about it. I didn't feel comfortable with any SOCON team in my top 10 since I think ETSU drops off from their level last year and I didn't think I could justify putting UTC all the way up there given how they finished last year.

But who knows, I might be wrong about UTM and the SOCON teams so I'll adjust accordingly once the actual games start.