Article for the preseason poll:

Tough to argue placements since who knows how things will shake out in a new season but a couple things that I thought were interesting:
  • JMU ended a 100 poll streak in the top 25 being no longer eligible - the last AGS top 25 that didn't include the Dukes was week 9 of 2014. Sam Houston also snapped a 24 poll streak in the top 25.
  • The Big Sky and MVFC were heavily represented in the top 25 and especially at the top. 12 of the top 25 teams were from those two leagues (6 each). Together they also consisted of the entire top 4, 5 of the top 6, 7 of the top 9, and 8 of the top 11. There has to be at least a team or two amongst all those teams from the same conferences in the top 11 that will fall woefully short of preseason expectations.