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I love his lists as a fan but yep, the list has always had a geographical bias

Miller TE Furman

or FB

he’s a good one either way but a TE / WR from what I saw
There really is not a bias like some fans believe as much as the landscape has just changed. My lists use to be dominated more by the east coast teams 15+ years ago but the geography of NFL prospects at the FCS level have changed a lot since. It use to be that there were players in every area but a lot more in the CAA/SoCon footprint and the SLC/MVFC/Big Sky was below them. Now, the CAA and SoCon have really fallen off since they have lost their top programs and most new P5 teams have come in their recruiting areas. Midwest and west coast have not seen the same changes so the MVFC has taken over as the best league, which is proven in the playoffs and on draft day every year these days.

As for your comment on Miller I had him as a FB myself previously but my sources informed me that at the junior pro day he measured 6'1 3/8, 209 pounds and they believe he runs in the 4.45-4.55 range in the 40. Those measurements would suggest WR but I left him as a FB because the school lists him at 221 pounds.

Noah Plack was actually the only name on NFL watch lists that scouts have told me they were given but Whitehead is another name due to size and production and will get some looks this fall as well.