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Six figures is pocket change for the top earning programs. If you're an SEC or Big 10 program, or a few others (Notre Dame, Oregon, Florida State, etc.) you could probably swing an average of 100k at 100 players (so, $10 million total) without even blinking. Obviously that'll vary based on the player and the school, but if they're trying to bring in a solid player with experience and are reasonably certain that player is good enough to start, then they'd have no problem shelling out that kind of money.
Although I'm sure there are (and if there isn't there will be) instances where big checkbook boosters pay a guy or guys to transfer and when they get there they find out that the coaches don't want them or don't have room for them. Whatever I guess, the players still get their money but it would leave a bad taste in your mouth as a competitor to have that happen to you and waste a year of eligibility not even on any roster.