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You nailed it. The director for CBS was horrible. Worst I've seen in years. They get a narrative in their head and stick to it no matter how bad it turns out. Like showing Tiger at +7 on the back nine when the game was in the balance. It was eventually annoying. Sure his story was good, but it was over done to the nth degree. And they spent an idiotic amount of time showing nothing or talking nonsense when they could have shown more golfers. And I can't understand showing golfers on the driving range when there are actual golfers on the course. Their on screen scoreboard sucked as well. Kept having to look on my phone to get a descent picture of what was going on. My one trip there was on a Saturday when Spieth won in 15. It's a really nice place. The fans really are well mannered.
If people wanted to watch every shot Tiger hit they could watch it on the Masters app, it did get annoying after a while. This wasn't a CBS issue but why was the Hatton/Horshel pairing a featured group on ESPN, was it simply done to show the completely predictable Hatton meltdown. Neither of these guys was in any type of contention.

I keep the scoreboard open on my cell phone because the CBS scoreboard does suck and showing one freaking second of driving range activity should be outlawed, show what is happening on the course.

I am less upset about the Faldo spoiler alert deal with the Mciilroy bunker hole out as I heard a loud cheer and then they immediately showed the replay of the hole out and I knew he holed it based on the timing. What they screwed up there was spending 2 minutes showing Smith line up a putt and ignore the shot live, Mciilroy was in second at the time of the bunker shot. They could have shown the bunker shot live and tape delayed the putt if need be. It was also Mciilroys last hole and they usually show the completion of the rounds by the leaders live.