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New to the FCS, why isn't it sustainable in the OVC?
First, because the OVC membership isn't stable enough. Conference re-alignment and re-shuffling over the years between the OVC, the Pioneer, the Missouri Valley and the A-Sun has basically turned the OVC into a giant game of membership musical chairs where there's always an extra chair or two left over. This then creates an environment where the competition level within the conference isn't consistent enough to build on long-term. This is the exact same problem that has plagued the Big South since, well, forever. Eventually, programs that might otherwise have built-in competitive advantages over their peers can't maintain their upward momentum and find themselves getting dragged back down toward the mean so they either choose to accept the year-in, year-out fluctuations between promise and mediocrity or they choose to move on.

Don't get me wrong. The OVC is a perfectly fine gateway to D1 for Lindenwood and can be an excellent stepping stone to bigger and better things. Just ask Western Kentucky, Eastern Kentucky, AP, Middle Tennessee, Youngstown, Jacksonville State, Samford, Murray State and Belmont.