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I'd say the 2011 and 2012 teams that played at NDSU were the "worst" of our good teams. The '85-'86 NC teams actually threw a lot more as Paul Johnson was installing the Flex-Bone offense. QB Tracy Ham was a true Dual Threat passer. The '89 undefeated team was special and what was left in '90 basically defied coaching changes and won a NC in spite of Tim Stowers. The '98-'00 Paul Johnson teams were absolutely dominant with blazing speed everywhere. I have a lot of respect for the NDSU program, but I don't think the D2 teams of that time would've fared well if that's what you meant. NDSU and most of the schools in FCS and G5 are miles apart. NDSU has an endowment more than 5x ours and is a flagship school. You have ZERO schools in your region with a competitive history or tradition. It's really a shame that NDSU and SDSU geography makes it hard to find an FBS home. I have no doubt, the programs would compete at a high level.
Yea. And those Bison teams were the worst of our good teams as well.