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Besides rising prices, what are the other factors that have shrunk demand? Tired of winning?
Yup, boredom... a perception that the outcome is a foregone conclusion and that we've seen it all already so it has lost the novelty it had in the early 2010s. I also think the in person fan base is aging - not all the senior citizen type of aging either but also younger fans who got tickets the last time they were readily available (2012-ish) have other responsibilities now like kids and the younger crowd who could take their place has gotten used to watching from home because they couldn't get tickets prior to the last couple years. Add some COVID-related hesitance to that (up to 19,000 crowded indoors) and the general decline in live attendance across the board in college football it all leads to a pretty big reduction in demand. Of course, like I said, I think the rise in prices is still the #1 reason