IMO the majority of the whining from Bison fans is from those who want to use this as further evidence that NDSU needs to move FBS. Pretty much anything happening in the FCS landscape these days is spun that way by some on Bisonville. Who knows... maybe that's the NDSU admin's reasoning behind this as well. NDSU President Bresciani, who voiced his no vote publicly when he didn't have to, is retiring this summer so maybe this is a political ploy by NDSU for plotting their future moves as well.

Personally, I don't have an issue with Murray St joining the conference. Yeah, they're a bad program but quite honestly the MVFC really doesn't need another program that'll be a perennial playoff contender. Adding a cupcake is fine since it'll pad some extra wins on the schedules of MVFC teams which will, in turn, get more MVFC teams into the playoffs. Also, it gives the conference an even number of teams again so they don't have to give at least one team a bye week every week leaving some teams with awkward bye weeks towards the end of the season. Now they can just have the conference schedule on the last 8 weeks of the regular season and leave teams more flexibility early in the season to schedule non-conference games.