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Laker can hit this more than me but seeing one of the D2s move D1 seems VERY unlikely. I know the MSU system is separate from the UM system but I canít imagine another public D1 being a thing in Minnesota.

UST being a private school UMM couldnít do anything about it. They donít seem like they want to be a full scholarship team. They seemed to use football as the vehicle to move everything else. Maybe Iím wrong.
I was at a booster meeting about six weeks before Tarleton announced their move up from D2. The speaker was from a company that investigates if you are ready to go or should stay where you are at. He told me that TSU would move within six weeks and he was right. Since the Mavs are already in hockey for D1, it seemed like only basketball was really interested in going D1- the rest of the room seemed to prefer D2 if I read it right. Football would either be dropped or join the Pioneer (which wasn't a popular move either). Blakeslee Stadium has some of the best sight lines anywhere- you couldn't be closer to the action, which is actually a danger to the players- not from the fans but from the concrete. The old gal needs to be replaced. I was hoping that when Glen Taylor sold the T-Wolves that he would build a new one- the Taylor Center for basketball is already named for him. With Covid and the weather I haven't heard anything for awhile- and neither have the people who I depend on for information.

MSU is the only MN public school that could even think about moving up. St Cloud, where I know a number of fans, has become a joke after dropping football and track. Their enrollment has gone down by about a third.

St John's loves being the top dog in the D3 world. A male's only school with the women's school St Ben's being just a few miles away won't be following their big rival St Thomas.