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MSP was one of the best airports (domestic) I have been through pre-COVID. Ever since then, it has gone down hill with how much is still closed and them gutting G-terminal. And I hear you on Detroit.

Schiphol and Incheon (massive amounts of green space for an airport) are my two favorite international airports so far. Berlin-Tegal was on my list (now closed) mainly because it felt like an old Cold War movie.

Detroit, O-Hare, Sea-Tac, Cleveland, JFK, LAX, and Charles De Gaulle round out my not a fan list. I avoid Charles De Gaulle if at all possible. Security, when swapping certain flights, is just a complete disaster. LAX isn't much better. Denver security has also been a massive mess since COVID due to them shutting down the North security and getting rid of the TSA Pre-check on the south side last year.

Two airports on my visit list are Changi (Singapore) and Haneda (Tokyo).
My least favorite airport in the US is Memphis. What a dump, just like the city itself.

I haven't been to Haneda, but I have done Narita and that's an interesting airport when you are just coming off of a 14 hour flight and trying to connect to your flight to Manila

Dublin's terminal 2 is my favorite international airport. Love it. I think my favorite airport in the USA is probably Raleigh-Durham. I also like PDX.

For this weekend, I'm doing the Houston-Hobby to Dallas-Love run. So easy to get in and out of.