If you want some good barbecue, I highly recommend Hard 8. I was there today with my parents and my niece, as my sister had to work today. My mom takes care of my niece while my sister is at work (my niece is nine months old). They have two locations close to Frisco in The Colony and Coppell. You might want to bring an N95 respirator with you into the restaurant because of all the smoke. I'm up here in the Metroplex spending time with my family for Christmas. I live in East Texas, but my sister lives up just outside Little Elm, which is just outside Frisco. I'm likely trying Mod Pizza next week. My mom said it's really good. I think I saw someone make a comment about Hutchins in another thread, or that maybe that was just Orangebloods (the Rivals website for the University of Texas; I'm a UT fan and Sam Houston alum). Hutchins has locations in both Frisco and McKinney. Just be prepared if you go to Hard 8 or Hutchins to spend quite a bit of money on food. The brisket at Hard 8 was great. I enjoyed it. I don't get to have barbecue very often, but I enjoy a good brisket without barbecue sauce, as barbecue sauce makes me gag. We three barbecue restaurants in my hometown of Lufkin, which is just south of Nacogdoches, which is where Stephen F. Austin State University, better known as SFA is located. By the way, I heard about Hard 8 on here.

For those of you coming to the game have fun, and just enjoy yourselves here in Texas. Also, if you get a chance go to Legacy West if I'm correct, and go eat at a place called North Italia. That's an excellent Italian restaurant in Plano, and they also have a Shake Shack as well in that area.