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And yet I think any PL fan would take being the Duke-less CAA any day. Especially with the CAA courting expansion teams.

Bottom line in my mind is that the PL isn't going to be a top 2-4 conference. But we should be competitive. We aren't going to be the premier destination for FCS coaches, But we could easily become a prime launching pad for young coaches where they could be successful before moving to the big time, either in FCS or FBS. We need to get back to the days when the best PL coaches are heading to bowling Green and other MAC programs as head coaches.
Unless you're the Ivy League, every single conference is experiencing change. Why do schools stay? Their conferences embrace change. Why do schools leave? Their conferences do not embrace change.

There are three PL schools likely asking some hard questions now or very soon.

1. Bucknell: Nearly 20% of Bucknell's $30M athletic budget is supporting a football team that has no path to competing for a championship. Bucknell is the only original I-AA school to have never qualified for the playoffs. What changes in the PL allow them to compete and to regain its fan base?

2. Georgetown: Twenty years have passed and the Hoyas are still no closer to be remotely competitive in this league than when Bob Benson was preaching patience following a 69-0 loss to Lehigh. Too much digital ink has been spent explaining why, but if the PL is not interested in providing a means where Georgetown can compete, will the Hoyas walk? I did not see this as an issue three or four years ago but more people are starting to ask why Georgetown is playing in a league with no potential.

3. Fordham: 2021 provided yet another hard lesson to the Rams: there are no-large opportunities in this league, no matter if you play Nebraska or FAU. And at $8 million a year, is Fordham getting its money's worth out of this league?

The PL must grow (numerically and philosophically) or wither. Too much of the "they're not good enough for us" (Monmouth, Duquesne, Marist), "not a good fit" (Howard, Hampton), "too small" (Merrimack) "too big" (LIU), etc. Otherwise, it's a four or five team circuit.