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Why would someone lie about their kid being hit by a beer can? SELA officials will be apologizing soon. Throwing beer is beyond the pale.

Racial slurs being hurled at HBCU players and fans isn't new, nor is it unique.
People lie all the time. But if it did happen, I'm sure there is a police report and/or medical report on file with our university as well as security camera footage which will have no problem spotting an incident like that. And if true, I'll be the first one to hold our administration's feet to the fire to make sure it's swiftly handled and appropriately punished. There is no place for that type of conduct and behavior anywhere, and certainly not at Southeastern Louisiana University, which has an African-American student population of nearly 20 percent, and a minority population nearing 30 percent. But I've talked to a bunch of folks who would have been in vicinity to witness any problems coming from our student section and nobody noticed anything out of the ordinary. I walked by the FAMU buses after the game and everyone I encountered was cordial and congratulatory afterwards. I'm not saying nothing happened — college students can be brutal everywhere, even at HBCU's — but I'm just a bit skeptical without seeing some proof or at least some police reports.