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You didn't experience anything other than getting your asses whipped twice in one year and whining about it. Until now, Sam Houston is the only fan base that has ever complained about playing at Strawberry Stadium. Every fan base has asshole students who say things, including Sam Houston. As for FAMU, these are extremely serious allegations, and if true, need to be dealt with immediately. However, there's been no proof provided in the article that any of the allegations are true. Everybody has a cell phone, and I can promise you if something like this did take place, there's likely video or audio evidence. So far, none has been presented. Until there is, it's irresponsible journalism.
Why would someone lie about their kid being hit by a beer can? SELA officials will be apologizing soon. Throwing beer is beyond the pale.

Racial slurs being hurled at HBCU players and fans isn't new, nor is it unique.