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Nah…FUBeAR heard the FAMU AD talking about FAMU’s case for the Playoffs about a month ago. He said FAMU’s Student-Athletes deserved access and an equitable opportunity for historical participation in the FCS Playoffs. When they beat Southern on 11/6 to get to 7 D1 wins, FUBeAR inked the Rattlers into an At-Large bid. No way were they not going to be included in the field.

And…y’know…UNI lost only 4 MVFC games…which the Committee reasons is pretty much the same as winning 4 games in almost all other FCS Conferences…I mean, seriously, the Panthers lost to 3 other Playoff Teams, 2 of which also lost today…1 of which lost today to an OVC Team playing with a back-up QB. The Panthers were clearly one of the best losers available from the MVFC remaining in the At-Large pool.

FUBeAR is not salty at all. The Playoff Selection Committee was able to justify each of their selections with the logic they chose to use to justify those selections.

The real mystery is how the Selection Committee could not find the logic needed to include 5-6 North Dakota & 5-6 Indiana State in the field. The Hawks & the the Sycamores may have been even better losers than UNI.
3-7 YSU.. .500 against playoff teams.. LOL

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