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Not sure what's confusing. NCAA doesn't need that ticket revenue and 75% is a huge chunk of any profits. The whole system is weird, the better team should always get to host and the bidding system is archaic.
What was confusing was you said they could screw over a team that "actually want(s)" to host. What you meant was the system in place screws over a team that "earned the right" to host by play on the field. Two wholly different arguments and no one disagrees. We'd all love to seed the field and play as it falls out (with minor adjustment to avoid conference rematches, i.e. if 9 vs 24 is a conference rematch, swap in #23 instead).

As for the 75% ticket revenue... someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that even with the NCAA taking 75% of ticket revenue, they still lose money on the FCS playoffs as a whole most years. In 2019, total announced attendance (per box scores) was 28,787... for ALL 8 games. And over a quarter was from a single game (Nicholls vs. UND, 7,569). 28,787 x 75% x $20 ave. ticket price (MSUDuo mentioned that even $20 is too steep for a casual fan Springfield so I used that) is $431,805. I don't know what the net revenue for broadcasting the game is, but the ticket revenue doesn't go very far toward paying the travel costs of the 8 visiting teams.