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The Big Sky MVFC challenge is a bunch of ****, FWIW

It started because a few schools (namely UNI on the MVFC side) made it a their duty to schedule only Big Sky teams in the OOC starting a decade ago. A few other schools did the same thing and after a few years of it the conference offices went "Let's call it a challenge!!!!"

A conference challenge is set up between the offices and games are scheduled and set by the offices.

This is nothing other than the schools were scheduling these games, and continue to schedule the games. There is no mandate to schedule them, AFAIK. There is no actual "challenge". It's literally league offices trying to take credit for something league members were already doing.
You are correct, who cares though. I wouldn't want the league offices to think they could set our schedule for OOC games anyway. It is there, so why not acknowledge it and hope other teams in each conferece think it's worthwhile and jump on in.