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He wasn't hired for political reasons. Someone made that up (conspiracy theory style) and it stuck *this season,* in fact, *on this board.*

No one was talking about his "connections" until literally this year. You can go back to every message board post in the last 4 years, the first mention of this possible theory was *this year.*
Not no one …
January 13th, 2018, 03:29 AM - SoCon Offseason 2017-18
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Yeah - Just learned that Coach Conklin’s father-in-law is EVP of Gibbs International. Wofford’s Stadium is named after Mr. Gibbs, who is, reportedly, Woffy’s 2nd largest donor (after Carolina Panthers’ soon-to-be-Former owner, Jerry Richardson).

With Coach Ayers not publicly (that I have seen) supporting Conklin’s hire & 5 or 6 fairly long-term Assistants pulling the Ejection seat lever within 2 weeks or so of the hiring announcement, I would be a bit antsy if I were a RatDog Fan. This whole situation just doesn’t seem to pass ‘the smell test’ to me, especially in light of Wofford Football’s history of stability & success. Also, if Conklin and the revamped staff don’t do well, the decision to make a change might be a rather difficult one to make considering his family ties to such deep black & gold-lined pockets.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe all of this is just part & parcel of “The Wofford Way” and it’s going to work out just great.

Stay tuned...