Kennesaw struggled a teeny bit with Campbell before pulling away (mostly from Campbell self destructing- although KSU was def the better team) however for those who did not see and will def not hear about it, Kennesaw was up 24-7 when they got the ball back with about 4 minutes left. They threw the ball to score a TD from the 4 yard line on the last play of the game up 24-7. I am not saying it is dirty but unless they are scared of Monmouth (if we get to that game unbeaten in league) and think they will need an at large, sort of a dooshy thing to do (even though they are leaving the conference). Kennesaw hardly throws the ball in the real part of the game to begin with. A little bit of bad energy put in the Universe IMO- although not a huge deal I really hope our game is for all the marbles-