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Thread: SoCon 2021 Predictions and Power Rankings - Week 8

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    Re: SoCon 2021 Predictions and Power Rankings - Week 8

    Ugh…I feel like we know a good bit about all 9 Teams now, but we kinda see some strengths & some weaknesses in all of them, so it’s making picking challenging - gotta think about match-ups, recent performance, injuries, personnel changes, etc. Hence, the new “Narrated Guesses Header.”

    Diving in…the shallow end…headfirst…
    Away Home Time Narrated Guesses
    Chattanooga Samford 1:00P Mocs had a war last week & bullpups O took the 2nd half off of their game with Woffy. Letdown for Chatt? Nah…don’t see it. HomewoodHounds keep Welch upright long enough to avoid the MaxwellMash on a few occasions to find some Chatt DB’s out of position, but Mocks ground game is a freight train & sammy’s run D is Nell Fenwick.

    Chattanooga 35 - Samford 24
    Western Carolina The Citadel 2:00P Hopefully for CIT’s HC, the 2 PM kickoff time is exactly perfect to suit his and his Team’s biorhythms…and, hopefully, he’s had an opportunity to instruct the SoCon Officials which penalties they are allowed to correctly call on the bellhops, at what point in the game, and which bellhop illegal acts they must ignore, at what point in the game, to earn his respect. Despite ‘winning’ “every single statistical category” (except the score)…and the non-statistical category of making plays when they mattered, the SamsoniteSlingers took a physical beating last week, while the Cats rested & rehabbed in the cool invigorating mountain air. WCU comes into the half a-stadium (like they had in Cullowhee in the 80’s) healed up and shocks a wounded, whining, downcast bellhop squad. Coach Bell gets the Gatorade bath…

    WCU 27 - Once of a Citadellian Nature 21
    ETSU Furman 2:00P Furman’s run D ain’t gonna roll over. They will make you earn it & earn it when it matters (which ain’t on some stats sheet). That presents a DIE-lemma for the LandShipSailors. IF FU can make them think they need to throw it, game over…as long as the ‘Dins lock down WR Hussey. ETSU’s D will also present a challenge to FU’s O, but that is looking better now…and FUBeAR thinks this week will be both a Test & Passing w/Flying Colors for FU’s young QB. In an old-fashioned SoCon SlobberKnocker, the men in Purple prevail

    Furman 21 - ETSU 20
    Wofford Mercer 6:00P Glad this one is a night game. If the Mercer crew that failed to show up to play Football vs. the Keydets last week, takes the field, FUBeAR recommends a lighting malfunction ‘opt out’ (The Teary-ers know about that) and a “No Contest” outcome. Before last week, FUBeAR would have projected this game as 45-7 Bears, but last week happened…for both Teams. Woffy is better with their FR QB, but only enough to slow down the unraveling of the program. VMI whupped the Bears hindquarters from pillar to post…no doubt about that…BUT, they really did have everything that can go wrong, go BAD-WRONG last week. Cannot imagine that happening again. FUBeAR doesn’t see the Mercer D Coaches running the same scheme (forgot to turn the page on their Samford game plan, apparently) against Woffy that they tried, with craptastic results, to run against VMI. 4 or 5 in the box vs. 7 es no bueno! If they do, Woffy’s good RB’s will ROMP. Also, think Mercer’s fixes some of the O issues they had and Bears win a way-too-close one.

    Mercer 31 - Wofford 24

    Power Ranking - Big Shakeup

    1) Furman - loss to Mercer further in rear view, nice test upcoming
    2) VMI - loss to CIT further in rear view, Dominant Mercer win & Chatt win move Keydets up…a lot
    3) Chattanooga -
    think they are all the way back from VMI’s derailment. Not yet. A lot more to prove
    4) ETSU - come back this week in GVL or watch dream season slip away?
    5) Mercer - gotta tumble after that debacle. Hopefully, the Bears find a good Vet this week & cure whatever they had Saturday afternoon. It was a BAD case of it.
    6) Samford - still better than even their fans think they are / still in the mix

    7) Once a Citadel
    - hard to field a winning team that is undermanned AND being led to ceaselessly whine about kickoff times & penalties (that were correct calls).
    8) WCU - just may find that a week’s rest & an opponent that just went thru a tough, physical game, just the right combination to get Coach Bell his 1st win.
    9) Wofford - QB change & another loss doesn’t lift these beaten pups
    Last edited by FUBeAR; October 21st, 2021 at 10:50 PM.
    “Every single statistical category - we win!” - Coach Brent Thompson, Head Football Coach, A Citadel 10/16/21 (following a double-digit loss to Furman).

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