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One thing that is pretty obvious is the CAA overall just doesnít have the playmakers at the skill positions I see in several other conferences
I've tried to watch a couple of CAA games this year and just...couldn't. It was either change the channel or fall asleep. I think it starts at QB -- Elon's guy is the only CAA QB in the top 15 of FCS passing -- but I also couldn't name a standout receiver in the CAA and the stats say that there isn't one. Across the league, the ball simply isn't going downfield with any consistency and short passes aren't resulting in a lot of YAC. In theory, that should mean that team rushing offense is up but that simply isn't the case either. You could say that the defenses are that good but I would counter by saying that the defenses look good because the offenses don't.

Overall, it feels like teams are playing toward the middle. The teams at the top of the standings are doing just enough to get out with the win and the teams at the bottom are scrapping for a break that just doesn't come.