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Jacksonville State could have 10 turnovers in that game with 15 penalties and still win by 40 points over Lamar. I'm being both serious and facetious and at the same time. In the spring, in Beaumont, we had four turnovers and beat Lamar 62-7, as they also had four turnovers. Without the four turnovers, we probably score at least 80. It was an ugly game to watch. I watched Lamar play my first year at Sam (2011) and we beat them 66-0. Granted, they had just brought back football, so they were really bad.
Never, Never, Never underestimate a JSU team. Our secondary is very forgiving and Lamar will feel free and relaxed. Not only will be have 15 penalties Lamar may get 15 first downs from JSU penalties. This is a special JSU team even more undisciplined than any of the other great undisciplined team in JSU history.

Stay tuned guys you may see things you cant even see at your local traveling carnival. Step right up guys step right up!!