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Could this team be the worst team in the FCS? They don't look any better than they did in the spring, and were blown out at home 56-0 by Abilene Christian Saturday. That team is horrible. Why on earth when you are located in one of the most talent rich regions in the state of Texas, with state powerhouses West Orange Stark and Port-Neches Groves (especially WOS) nearby and the Houston area just to the west, do you hire a head coach who runs the triple option? I don't see another game Lamar has on their schedule they can win. I would not be surprised to see Lamar making a head coaching change after the season, and that would be best. The Cardinals need to dump the triple option, and go get a coach who has a offensive style recruits want to play in. The triple option isn't it.

Puddin Tane, the resident Lamar fan on this board, is no fan of the triple option.

Texas is talent rich, but saturated with universities. That's the reason SHSU has to rely so heavily on transfers. Texas has 12 FBS schools and like, what 10 FCS schools for their 21 million population. Compare that with Washington which has 7 million population and 2 FBS schools and 1 FCS school.

Somebody is going to take the hit somewhere.