After Week 0 that Southern Utah played in, I can claim a perfect 1-0 start. However, this week all the Big Sky schools are playing, including Southern Utah again, so there are 13 games this week. My quest for perfection will be extremely difficult this weekend. The conference has 5 games on Thursday which is why I'm rolling them out today instead of the usual Wednesday. Like I mentioned last week, the Big Sky schools will have their scoreboard abbreviation and the non-Big Sky schools will be spelled out which is why EWU is playing Nevada-Las Vegas this weekend instead of UNLV. Here's my attempt at perfection...

CP at San Diego (FCS Pioneer) Saturday---Mustangs get underway with a short trip down the California coast to a strong Pioneer program eager for a chance to play the mighty Big Sky. Mustangs are hoping for a strong showing but they may end up on the short end of the stick here. San Diego 28, CP 17.

EWU at Nevada-Las Vegas (FBS Mtn West) Thursday---Eagles are eager to get the season on the way and they start by heading down to Vegas. The Eagles can get this game, as long as they treat it as a business trip and not just a fun Vegas weekend. EWU 35, Nevada-Las Vegas 23.

Simon Fraser (DII) at UI Saturday---Everyone is playing a DI opponent except for the Vandals who bring in a DII opponent from the dying Great Northwest. This should be a great tuneup for the Vandals to prepare for bigger things on the horizon. UI 56, Simon Fraser 7.

North Dakota (FCS Missouri Valley) at ISU Saturday---For the opening weekend, the Bengals bring in a former member of the conference, North Dakota, for a strong opener. Bengals have this game at home and could possibly surprise but the Hawks may have too much power. North Dakota 35, ISU 32.

UM at Washington (FBS Pac-12) Saturday---The Grizzlies start the season strong with a trip to play one of the contenders in the Pac-12 North division. The Grizzlies should have a great season but this may be too big of a mouthful for them. Washington 48, Montana 20.

MSU at Wyoming (FBS Mtn West) Saturday---A new era for the Bobcats begins Saturday with a border clash with Wyoming. The Bobcats may have a chance here if everything is clicking early but Wyoming may prove to be a bit too much for them. Wyoming 31, Montana State 20.

Sam Houston (FCS WAC) at NAU Thursday---The Lumberjacks come in to the season with high hopes in the conference and they are eager to show it against one of the stronger FCS programs in the country. All good intentions aside, this may not be a great shot for a win. Sam Houston 38, NAU 27.

UNC at Colorado (FBS Pac-12) Friday---The dawn of a new age starts for the Bears on Friday as they start the season against their bigger in-state brethren. A new start, a new look, against a strong Pac-12 team. This may get ugly very quickly. Colorado 42, UNC 14.

PSU at Hawaii (FBS Mtn West) Saturday---In the nightcap, the Vikings head out to the islands for their start to the season. The last time they were there, they got the win. But that was 20 years ago and things are different now. Hawaii 38, PSU 23.

SAC at Dixie State (FCS WAC transitional) Saturday---The Hornets are hoping for the good things that started for them a few years ago will continue on this season. They hit the road against a transitional team eager for a strong start as well. In the end, a good win for the Hornets. SAC 28, Dixie State 21.

SUU at Arizona State (FBS Pac-12) Thursday---The Thunderbirds were the only Big Sky school to play in Week 0 and now they have a short week to prepare for a Pac-12 opponent. Will they be a little more competitive in this game? Maybe not. Arizona State 41, SUU 14.

UCD at Tulsa (FBS American) Thursday---After just missing out on the playoffs during the shortened season, the Aggies are hoping for a strong start to this season. Problem is Tulsa is hoping to continue their good fortune from last season. Aggies will need to play well to win, or come close. Tulsa 28, UCD 25.

WSU at Utah (FBS Pac-12) Thursday---The Wildcats are hoping to build on their successful season last year when they won the conference title. They start by taking the short trip down the freeway to play their bigger Pac-12 brothers. The Wildcats need a strong game to stay close. Utah 28, WSU 14.